Just what is Sculpin Frenzy?

Sculpin /'skəlpən/ - A delicious IPA from Ballast Point Brewery

Frenzy /'frenzē/ - A state or period of uncontrolled Thursday night excitement or wild behavior

Sculpi Furor - now available in Latin!! (courtesy of Matt)

Ballast Point. Dedicated to the craft

Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits Company is an American craft brewery and distillery founded in 1996 by Jack White in San Diego, California. They produce a wide range of beers and spirits but our focus is on the Sculpin.

  • Sculpin
  • Grapefruit Sculpin
  • Pineapple Sculpin
  • Habanero Sculpin
  • Aloha Sculpin
  • Grunion

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Frenzy Invitations

  • 3-Sep-2015

    Picture a mic, the stage is empty,
    A beat like this might tempt me
    To pose, to show my rings and my fat gold chain,
    Grab the mic like I'm on Soul Train
    But I wait, cause I mastered this
    Let the others go first so the brother's don't miss
    Eric B. break the sticks (you got it)
    Rakim will begin when you make the mix
    I'll experiment, like a scientist
    You wanna rhyme, you gotta sign my list
    Cause I'm a manifest and bless the mic I hold
    You wanna go next? then you gotta have Sculpin
    Justin (S)

  • 11-Sep-2015

    It's raining Sculpin Hallelujah,
    Matt (L)

  • 19-Feb-2015

    Is this the real life?
    Is this just Sculpin Frenzy?
    Matt (L)

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